H & M SALE | Pieces to Try

H&M (and basically everyone else) is having a President’s Day sale. So, I went through their website and found some or their best bits. Ok, really, they might not be the ~best~ bits, but they’re pretty good. I color coded these pieces by the letter “b”. Enjoy!



Thoughts on the:
  • Loafers: I saw these and gasped a little, mostly because I have boring taste but also because the material is sleek and kind of retro? Is that the right word? Do you remember jelly sandals from the 90’s? Kind of like that. However, I know they would give me terrible blisters and my feet would sweat a lot.
  • Earrings: Chances are, if it has a face on it, I want it on my face. Or tattooed on my body or printed on a shirt. I could never be amish- for a lot of reasons- but mostly because they don’t put faces on dolls or anything else.



 CoatLoafersOff Shoulder Sweater | Denim Jacket | SweaterBlazer
Thoughts on the:
  • Coat: I’m into these puffy, cropped coats right now, I mean, so is everybody else, but that’s fine! We all have good taste 😉
  • Denim Jacket: It’s longer than usual and that’s what makes it cool. My initial reaction was “ugh, but that shape won’t work with my hips,” but my second reaction was “to hell with it!”
  • Blazer: Hello there, Cher Horowitz, nice to see you.

B L A C K 

hm1 DressSwim SuitCamisoleCoatBlousePantsSkirtSandals

Thoughts on the:
  • Dress: This dress is giving off some serious 1940’s vibes and is begging to be worn to brunch. I mean, it could also be worn for any other meal, as long as that meal takes place on a terrace or porch or something.
  • Coat: It’s biker chic and looks warm. I’m curious about what the inside is like, if it’s furry like the outside or not. It doesn’t really matter, but a girl can question.
  • Pants: I really want to give this loose-style pant a try because I think they’d be great for work. I’m mildly stressed about what to wear when the weather warms up, because my summer wardrobe is lacking. Ya girl needs to get her act together, per usual!

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