NURSERY DESIGN | Natural Theme

Here’s the thing: I’m on my period so I’m broody as hell. I like babies on the worst day, but when those hormones get going…it’s on another level. I want a baby. I want to hold one tight, dress it up in footsie pajamas, and rock it to sleep.
Ok, so I don’t actually want a baby because I’m 22 years old and I don’t have the emotional stamina to be a parent right now. I stress out if I’m only going to get 9 hours of sleep. I have this ten-year plan that involves a lot of travel and education and a baby would complicate all of that. It’s just that I’m at my baby bearing prime right now and my body doesn’t give a shit about my ten year plan. It’s me against biology and I’m hanging in there, but only barely.
In the meantime, to ease my baby fever, I threw together this nursery. I was trying to go for something gender neutral and it ended up being very natural tone heavy. I think there’s probably some psychology about nursery design and what’s best for a baby’s development and blablabla…but whatever. I mean, it’s probably good for a baby to be surrounded by nature, so that’s what I went with here. Soft colors and wood; not overwhelming but not boring. It’s a room I’d enjoy as an adult! Plus, it’s something a baby could grow with, so that’s a bonus.



 Wallpaper MuralBookshelfRaven PrintBassinetCribRugDresserEclipse PrintLampSwimming PrintCeiling LightSide Table | Rocking ChairOttomanThrow PillowMoth Print

Thoughts on the:
  • Mural: Wallpaper murals seem like the way to go when one wallpaper pattern is too much but solid wall paint isn’t enough. This mural could be an illustration for a children’s book, so it seems perfect for a nursery. I don’t like that little snake in the bottom right hand corner, so I’d try to cover him up with a basket or something.
  • Bookshelf: This piece seems practical because you could shove little baby accessories in those drawers, but it’s also pretty and decorative items could be displayed in the open
  • Rug: This rug is giving off some serious river vibes
  • Dresser: In line with the natural theme, the dresser’s semi-raw wood is perfect
  • Ottoman: Jute is such a durable and touchable material and it should probably have a place in every room


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