TATTOOED MODELS | I’m here for it

Recently, for no reason other than boredom, I found myself on the asos website browsing through the men’s sweater section. I don’t know what I was expecting to find, I guess nothing because I’ve never intentionally looked at men’s clothes on asos. But I was pleasantly surprised! Life is crazy, you guys, because one minute I wasn’t surprised…and the next minute I was. I can’t make this stuff up.
What surprised me, you ask? NECK TATTOOS. And face tattoos, but mostly neck tattoos. Not because face tattoos aren’t as surprising as neck tattoos, but that there weren’t as many.
It this a thing now? Tattooed models? Because I’m down for it. I’m 100% team tattoos-shouldn’t-hinder-your-chances-of-getting-a-job. We’re evolving away from the coat and tie clone look that has ruled the workplace for a long time. And THANK GAWD. This is good for the sake of self expression and diversity and open-mindedness and art. It’s also good news for future Olivia who wants tattoos and piercings and dyed hair but also wants to be respected and taken seriously in her field.
Literally half the workforce is tattooed; there isn’t any reason for tattoos to be stigmatized by professionals. I get that maybe when people were prim and proper, tattoos were a a major wild rebellious statement. But…it’s 2018? Tattoos don’t make you bad or irresponsible or unprofessional and I feel like, for the most part, society agrees on that. I mean, if half of us have tattoos, at least half of us are ok with them.
All I’m saying is, 1) by accepting tattoos in the workplace we might be more accepting of other differences and that’s a good thing, 2) hopefully there are just as many tattooed ladies represented in the modeling industry and this isn’t something that’s only ok for men, and 3) these models are hot.

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