Welcome, friend. Welcome. Today we find ourselves with a new series here on EXOLIVIA. This is going to be some version of a weekly wardrobe except I didn’t wear any of it! I don’t even own any of it! In this case, I’ve never even been in a Topshop!! Basically, I’m a huge fraud, but I’m making the best of my situation. So, here we find ourselves. Let’s get into it, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

• M O N D A Y •

If you’re looking for an outfit that’s retro and modern and comfy but appropriate, this one’s for you!


Earrings | Top | Shoe | Purse | Pant | Jacket

Thoughts on the:

  • Earrings: These babies are very delicate you might not be able to tell that they’re three dots in the shape of a triangle. Do you ever feel like earlobes with just an unfilled hole is weird? I do. Sometimes you need a lil somthin somthin so you aren’t reminded that piercings are kind of weird
  • Pant: I would look great in these, just saying. I kind of think anyone would look great in these.
  • Jacket: This denim jacket would never fit over my hips but to hell with it! It’s kind of like how I can’t sit on a swing anymore because my hips are too wide. They’re not too wide in general, they’re just too wide for childhood fun and whimsy.

• T U E S D A Y •

I feel like this would be great for meetings or a presentation HOWEVER my vulva would probably make an appearance in this skirt and I’d break an ankle if I tried standing for too long in these boots. I’m being a bummer, but you get the point.


Backpack | Blouse | Boots | Coat | Skirt | Earrings

Thoughts on the:

  • Coat + Backpack: I LOVE the color combo of light blue and burnt orange. They add an essential POP to an otherwise chic but serious look
  • Boots: These are killer, as in they could kill a man because the edges are so sharp
  • Skirt: Is this navy or black? I have a tough time telling. Either way, the fringe is fun and I’m always a fan of texture and 3-D elements

• W E D N E S D A Y •

Schedule yourself a lunch meeting and make sure you get cheesecake for dessert.


Blazer | Earrings | Purse | Boot | Dress

Thoughts on the:

  • Boots: My feet would sweat so much in these but whatever. They’re too shiny to pass up. Also, I feel like purple is an overlooked color as far as fashion is concerned. Is that true or am I just missing something?
  • Dress: I’m going through this thing with black and white polka dots. I always thought dots were childish, but they’re working for me now. I especially like that the dots are different sizes

• T H U R S D A Y •

“The business bitch will see you now.”  -your receptionist

“Who the hell is that?” -your confused appointment


Jacket | Top | Heels | Purse | Pant | Earrings

Thoughts on the:

  • Jacket: This is professional boss woman with a twist…or a wrap
  • Heels: I’m truly digging pointy heels in a way I never have before. I think this is what it’s like to grow up
  • Purse: It has monkeys on it!! Each outfit needs at least one quirky aspect, so when in doubt, add monkies

• F R I D A Y •

Casual Friday calls for a look that can transition from day to night because mama is going out! And then coming home and eating popcorn and watching The West Wing


Purse | Dress | Jacket | Boots | Earrings

Thoughts on the:

  • Purse: Just a bit of rock n roll. Leather and metal, ya know?
  • Dress: I would wear the hell out of this dress. Seriously, it’s the spring florals but with black and long sleeves
  • Boots: Unfortunately, Topshop doesn’t have a wide selection of thigh high boots. So we’re going with these

• S A T U R D A Y •

The 1980’s are calling…and Saturday is answering…and it saying “yeah, I got you.”


Jacket | Purse | Shoes | Jeans | Earrings | Top

Thoughts on the:

  • Jacket: Yes, I’m feeling the double-breasted jacket paired with jeans look
  • Purse: I mean, this outfit has multiple statement pieces, but this one has a tiger on it, so it’s my fav
  • Shoes: They’re black and white! Split down the middle!
  • Earring: This outfit has a lot going on, so something needed to be simple

• S U N D A Y •

Today’s the day to sit and maybe go to the grocery store for some bananas and green chilis. But also maybe to sit in Starbucks and sip on a latte and plan out the week ahead.


Top | Earring | Joggers | Jacket | Shoes | Backpack

Thoughts on the:

  • Top + Pants: I strongly appreciate pattern clashing, hence black and white stripes and camo
  • Shoes: Yes, chunky sneakers are very on trend and honestly I don’t know how I feel about it, but we’re giving it a try



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