HOUSEWARMING GIFTS | Warm that house!

If we’re being completely honest, and I try to be, I’ve never been to a housewarming party or thrown a housewarming party. So, technically, you don’t have any reason to listen to me or read this post. I hope you do though (!) because, 1) I put a decent amount of work into finding these gift, 2) I have good taste, and 3) I would make one helluva good housewarming guest if someone just gave me a chance.
I feel like I should mention that these gifts are purposefully unsentimental. That way, they could just as easily be given to your cousin as your new neighbor as a coworker who stirs their yogurt too loud. If you’re trying to add a more personalized touch, most of these gifts are begging to be paired with something extra: flowers in the watering can, a fresh loaf of bread in the bread pan, some ethical coffee beans with the coffee maker, or local cheese with the serving board. But that’s not necessary, I guess. Just make sure you write a sincere note in a nice card.


Thoughts on the:
  • Butter Melting Pot: I had no idea there were pots specifically made for melting butter, but I’m down. Popcorn for dinner just got better
  • Prosecco Pong: My friends would probably still use beer in the fancy glasses, but it’s all about baby steps
  • Coffee Table Book: Helmut Newton has taken some controversial and provocative pics, so this book would probably be a conversation starter. Basically, any book with naked people (as long as it’s consensual obviously) is a win in my book
  • Scissors: Ok, some people don’t appreciate the value of a nice pair of scissors, but those that do will be thrilled with these. Maybe pop them in a basket with some gift wrapping supplies (quality wrapping paper and ribbon) and you’re good to go

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